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Himachal e-Taxi Scheme : Earnings guarantee and 50% subsidy on e-taxi purchase | Buy Your Taxi Now

Himachal e-Taxi Scheme: The Himachal Pradesh government has launched an e-taxi plan to engage unemployed youth. 

The Himachal Pradesh government would provide a 50 percent subsidy and assurance of earnings to unemployed youth who purchase an e-taxi under this initiative. 

This will lower the state’s unemployment rate and boost the use of electric vehicles if you want to take advantage of the Himachal Pradesh Government’s Himachal e-Taxi Scheme. 

You must read this entire article to obtain all information on this strategy. We will supply you with detailed information about the Himachal Pradesh e-taxi scheme in this article. So please tell us how we can gain from this arrangement.

इस हिमाचल ई-टैक्सी योजना को हिंदी में देखें

Himachal Pradesh Electric Vehicle Scheme 2023

Himachal Pradesh Chief Minister Sukhwinder Singh Sukhu announced the e-taxi service on November 20, 2023. With a budget of Rs 680 crore, this project was formally started under the Rajiv Gandhi Self-Employment Startup project. 

The state government would provide a 50 percent subsidy and a job guarantee to unemployed youth who purchase an e-taxi under the E-Taxi-Scheme. 

As a result, the youth can make money by purchasing an e-taxi without experiencing a financial crisis.

The purpose of the e-taxi plan Himachal e-Taxi Scheme

The main goal of the Himachal Pradesh government in launching the e-taxi scheme is to provide a subsidy on the purchase of an e-taxi to employ the state’s unemployed youth. 

As a result of this program, kids can be encouraged while the state’s unemployment rate is reduced. Under this initiative, the state government would provide a 50% subsidy to youth who purchase an E-Taxi or an E-Bus.

Rs 40,000 guaranteed monthly income on Himachal e-Taxi Scheme

Under the Himachal Pradesh government’s e-taxi initiative, e-taxi will be deployed in several government departments to provide money to unemployed youth. 

Through this initiative, the state government will ensure a monthly income of Rs 40,000. Young residents can easily earn up to Rs 40,000 per month by driving taxis for the government.

In the first phase, 500 e-taxi permits will be issued

In the first phase of the Himachal e-Taxi Scheme, 500 permits will be provided for e-taxi, and the number of permits will be expanded in the future based on demand. 

To give a stable source of income to the state’s unemployed young through this initiative, e-taxi will be made available to government departments in stages. 

The state government provides a 50% discount to young people who purchase an e-taxi. In addition, the criteria for making decisions under this system will be modified so that the loan can be repaid quickly.

The loan will be offered without any guarantees.

The Himachal E-Taxi Scheme will grant loans without any guarantee to state youth to acquire e-buses and e-taxis. 

Himachal Pradesh has launched this initiative to make the state green by 2026. 

This project will be a watershed moment in creating jobs, lowering air pollution, and transforming Himachal Pradesh into a green energy state by March 31, 2026.

24 E-Bus permits have been awarded in Himachal e-Taxi Scheme

According to Sukhwinder Singh Sukhu, the government purchased 300 e-buses in the first phase to provide work to the state’s young. 

The government intends to replace approximately 3,000 buses operated by the Himachal Pradesh Government Transport Corporation (HRTC) with e-taxis and a fleet of e-buses. 

The government will soon purchase 350 e-buses under this initiative. To stimulate the use of e-buses in the private sector, the government will purchase 1,500 e-buses over the next three years. 

The government has issued 24 e-bus permits out of 107 for this purpose. The Himachal Pradesh government would subsidize Rs 50 lakh for an e-bus costing Rs 1 crore under this initiative.

Electric taxi charging stations will be installed.

According to Sukhwinder Singh Sukhu, infrastructure for charging e-vehicles in the state is being prepared. 

In the next two months, 17 e-charging stations for E-Taxis will be ready under this initiative. In addition, the transportation department is establishing e-charging stations. 

Charging stations will be provided at 17 gas stations throughout 12 districts. Charging stations will also be installed at transportation and electric utility levels. 

Beneficiaries will no longer have to deal with the trouble of fueling up on gasoline or diesel.

Himachal e-Taxi Scheme 2023 Features and Benefits

  • The Himachal Pradesh government has launched an E-Taxi Scheme for unemployed youth.
  • This initiative would give kids a 50% discount on purchasing an e-taxi. In addition, the conditions for obtaining a loan under the scheme will be reduced.
  • Charging facilities for e-taxis will be installed at 17 gas stations throughout 12 districts.
  • In the first phase of the Himachal Pradesh E-Taxi Scheme, 500 permits for e-taxi were issued, and the number of permits will be expanded based on demand.
  • Himachal Pradesh’s state government hopes to turn the state green by 2026.
  • Not only will this initiative generate work for the state’s youth, but it will also help to minimize air pollution.
  • This strategy will aid in lowering the state’s unemployment rate.
  • The Himachal e-Taxi Scheme would stimulate the use of e-vehicles in the state.
  • Registration for this scheme can be completed online.

Eligibility for the e-taxi scheme

  • To be eligible for the e-taxi scheme, the candidate must be a Himachal Pradesh native.
  • Unemployed youth in the state will be eligible to participate in this plan.
  • The applicant must be at least 23 years old.

Himachal e-Taxi Scheme Documents Required 

  • Aadhar Card 
  • Address Proof
  • Age Certificate
  • Documentation Proving Educational Qualifications
  • Mobile Phone Number
  • A Passport-Sized Photograph
  • Passbook For A Bank Account

How can I register for the Himachal Pradesh E-Taxi Scheme 2023?

  • To begin, go to the e-Taxi Himachal Pradesh Transport Department’s official website
Himachal Pradesh E-Taxi Scheme
  • The website’s home page will then appear in front of you.
  • You must click the Application Register option on the website’s home page.
  • The e-taxi registration form will be in front of you as soon as you click.
Himachal Pradesh E-Taxi Scheme
  • Now, you must carefully enter all the requested information on this page.
  • You must enter your name, gender, phone number, email address, date of birth, and RTO information.
  • You must input your permanent address, correspondence address, and personal information.
  • After inputting all of the information, you must upload the necessary papers.
  • Finally, you must select the Submit option.
  • You will receive an email and SMS confirmation of your successful registration.
  • You can register for the e-taxi scheme in this manner.
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FAQs for Himachal Pradesh E-Taxi Scheme 2023

What is the Himachal Pradesh E-Taxi Scheme,

Himachal e-Taxi Scheme : Earnings guarantee and 50% subsidy on e-taxi purchase

The Himachal Pradesh E-Taxi Scheme is an initiative launched by the state government to provide a 50% subsidy and a guaranteed monthly income of Rs 40,000 to unemployed youth purchasing e-taxis.

Documents required for Himachal Pradesh E-Taxi Scheme?

The necessary documents for application include Aadhar card, address proof, age certificate, educational qualification proof, mobile phone number, passport-sized photograph, and a bank account passbook.

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