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Students below 16 years of age will not be able to go to coaching, otherwise a fine of Rs 1 lakh, a big decision of the Indian Government

Students below 16 years of age will not be able to go to coaching, otherwise a fine of Rs 1 lakh, a big decision of the Indian Government

In a pivotal decision, the central government has taken a strong stance on coaching centers, unveiling stringent guidelines to address various issues and ensure better regulation.

1: Government Responds to Unfortunate Incidents

The move comes in response to a series of unfortunate incidents, including suicides and fire accidents in coaching centers. These incidents have prompted the government to prioritize the need for improved regulation.

2: Prohibition of Students Below 16

As per the newly issued guidelines by the Ministry of Education, coaching institutes are now prohibited from admitting students below the age of 16. This measure aims to create a safer environment for young learners.

3: Crackdown on Misleading Promises

Additionally, coaching centers are forbidden from making misleading promises such as guaranteed high scores or ranks. The government has declared that those found violating these guidelines may face fines up to ₹1 lakh, and their registration could be canceled.

4: Emphasis on Qualified Teachers

The guidelines emphasize the importance of qualified teachers, stating that coaching institutes must not hire instructors with qualifications lower than a bachelor’s degree. This move aims to ensure a high standard of education.

5: Registration Post Secondary School Exams

Furthermore, coaching centers are required to register students only after they have passed their secondary school exams. This step aims to align the enrollment process with academic achievements.

6: Establishing a Legal Framework for Better Regulation

The overarching decision aims to establish a legal framework to control the unregulated practices of private coaching institutes. This move is a response to various complaints, including unethical teaching methods, lack of facilities, and false promises made by coaching centers.

7: Transparency Mandate and Detailed Information on Websites

To ensure transparency, coaching institutes are now mandated to maintain a website providing detailed information about their tutors, curriculum, duration of courses, hostel facilities, and complete fee details. This step aims to empower students and their parents with comprehensive information.

8: Fair Fee Structure and Refunds

The guidelines stress the need for a fair and rational fee structure. Additionally, coaching institutes are required to refund the remaining fees if a student withdraws from a course midway, promoting financial transparency.

9: Creating Support Systems for Stressed Students

In an effort to alleviate academic pressure and competition, coaching centers are advised to create a department for immediate intervention and support for students facing stress. The appointed officer in this department will be responsible for developing a counseling system to assist stressed students.

10: Penalties for Violations and Proposed Registration Renewal

The guidelines state that any coaching institute found violating these rules may face fines of up to ₹1 lakh, and in extreme cases, their registration may be canceled. The central government has also proposed a registration renewal for existing and new coaching institutes within three months to ensure effective monitoring.

11: State Governments’ Oversight Role

To enhance oversight, state governments will hold responsibility for overseeing the activities of coaching centers within their jurisdiction. This collaborative approach aims to ensure compliance and adherence to the new guidelines.

This comprehensive set of measures demonstrates the government’s commitment to fostering a secure, transparent, and high-quality learning environment within coaching centers across the country.

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